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CA-972972-A: Gas distribution system for a catalytic converter patent, CA-973160-A: Hydraulic drilling or servicing rig patent, CA-973166-A: Rotary regenerative heat exchanger patent, CA-975425-A: High voltage measuring apparatus patent, CA-975734-A: Composite structure for valve closure member patent, CA-97593-A: Food compound patent, CA-976118-A: Article display package patent, CA-976755-A: Combustion of fuel oil patent, CA-976982-A: Herbicidal halodinitro-1,3-phenylenediamine compounds patent, CA-978923-A: Parachute patent, CA-979001-A: Process for the preparation of 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid patent, CA-979672-A: Catalytic gas reactors patent, CA-979812-A: Rotary combustion engine ignition patent, CA-980924-A: Sewage treatment system patent, CA-981756-A: Magnetic gauge circuitry with input current interruption patent, CA-981909-A: Addition of magnesium to molten metal patent, CA-982227-A: Power supply circuit patent, CA-982633-A: Track tensioning and recoil apparatus patent, CA-982650-A: Leakproof battery and method of manufacturing the same patent, CA-983186-A: Automatic telephone monitoring system patent, CA-983759-A: Shutter control mechanism patent, CA-983987-A: Sodium vapor lamp having improved starting means patent, CA-983999-A: Ferroresonant battery charger circuit patent, CA-984733-A: Liquid cooled plasma burner patent, CA-985387-A: Electrical connector patent, CA-985541-A: Film mount patent, CA-985757-A: Printed circuit board connector patent, CA-985885-A: Manufacture of yarn from staple fibre material patent, CA-986835-A: Tire building machine servicer patent, CA-986909-A: Slide valve assemblies patent, CA-987192-A: Liquid detergent compositions patent, CA-987547-A: Marine propulsion reversing transmission with hydraulic assist patent, CA-988438-A: Method and apparatus for purifying and fractioning particle suspensions patent, CA-988967-A: Wheel patent, CA-988970-A: Flat track shoe with tapered end ribs patent, CA-989105-A: Electroless copper plating solution and process patent, CA-989601-A: Method of making shaped bodies of cold-pressed and sintered compositions patent, CA-989712-A: Single blade recutter for forage harvester patent, CA-990677-A: Railroad car construction patent, CA-991248-A: Oscillating wiper blade cleaning apparatus for electrostatographic machines patent, CA-99178-A: Appareil de montre de marchandises patent, CA-993110-A: Analogue to digital converters patent, CA-993296-A: Deflatable retention catheter patent, CA-993451-A: Halo-aryl amide-ester polyols patent, CA-993553-A: Automatic hue control and method patent, CA-994446-A: Touch sensitive electronic switch patent, CA-994766-A: Color photographic light-sensitive materials for color prints showing excellent color reproduction patent, CA-995334-A: System for automatically aligning and/or moving in a parallel movement path a guide seating structure adapted for guiding the movement of a tool mounted thereon patent, CA-995609-A: Phleomycin group antibiotics from streptomyces patent, CA-99561-A: Non-refillable bottle patent, CA-996392-A: Remote sensor calculator system patent, CA-996538-A: Methode de lubrification des moteurs 2-temps et des moteurs a pistons rotatifs patent, CA-99749-A: Cattle guard patent, CA-997565-A: Production of copper and sulfur from copper-iron sulfides patent, CA-99759-A: Machine a carder patent, CA-997689-A: Pallet construction patent, CA-997756-A: 1,2,4-triazole nucleosides patent, CA-999119-A: Method of removing mercury from a highly concentrated sulfuric acid patent, CA-999124-A: Manikin construction patent, CA-999452-A: Barban, substituted 2-aminopropionate synergistic composition for controlling wild oat patent, CA-999796-A: Grooming implement patent, CN-100999277-A: Robut garbage drum patent, CN-100999435-A: 利用两步法反应合成HFC-152a的生产方法 patent, CN-100999700-A: Perfumed soap composition and preparation process thereof patent, CN-101000815-A: Heavy cable and zero float cable mixed type photoelectric composite tow patent, CN-101001101-A: Satellite ground link switch-over method of mobile satellite network patent, CN-101001211-A: Method for the exchange of data packets, device for compression of data packets and device for decompression of data packets patent, CN-101001256-A: 控制媒体资源的方法、系统及用于提供媒体资源的实体 patent, CN-101001270-A: 便携式终端 patent, CN-101002415-A: Intra-frame code diversity patent, CN-101004086-A: 一种砼填充用空腔模壳构件 patent, CN-101004403-A: 电化学测试用电解池 patent, CN-101004630-A: Power supply control circuit for microprocessor patent, CN-101005047-A: 非挥发性存储器的制造方法 patent, CN-101006292-A: Belt-driven conical-pulley transmission, method for producing it, and motor vehicle having such a transmission patent, CN-101006706-A: Communication device, communication system, communication method, communication program, and communication circuit patent, CN-101007255-A: 反应方法 patent, CN-101009165-A: 一种连接钨铜合金与铜尾整体电触头的制备方法 patent, CN-101009452-A: Motor and manufacturing method therefor patent, CN-101009671-A: 可适性均衡器和均衡方法 patent, CN-101010049-A: 带有成段粘合剂的护套 patent, CN-101010630-A: 含有层状硅酸盐的改善的滑膜组合物 patent, CN-101011010-A: 一种无土碎石坡面绿化灌浆用泥土及其灌浆方法 patent, CN-101011201-A: 化妆品涂抹装置 patent, CN-101011213-A: 水果去心器 patent, CN-101012022-A: Disposable tower-type cake frame and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-101012193-A: Novel CB 1 receptour inverse agonists patent, CN-101013404-A: Heterogeneous multi-core system-oriented management method of paging memory space patent, CN-101013864-A: Alternated relay continuous cycle motion motor with electromagnetic repulsion circumference of permanent electromagnetic field patent, CN-101014496-A: 航空器客舱上部的布局 patent, CN-101015020-A: Method of improving erase voltage distribution for a flash memory array having dummy wordlines patent, CN-101015033-A: Device and method for measurement of beam angle and divergence normal to plane of scanned beam or ribbon beam patent, CN-101015115-A: Motor controller patent, CN-101016964-A: Heavy caliber high-strength plastic wound pipe having pipe wall made of wrapping material and manufacture method therefor patent, CN-101017309-A: Image blur correction device and camera patent, CN-101017365-A: Electronic watch capable of displaying warning information of battery approaching exhausted patent, CN-101018861-A: Detection instrument with the use of polynucleotides mapped on barley chromosome patent, CN-101019581-A: Multipurpose oil with garlicin in high content patent, CN-101020207-A: 使用可弯曲辊加工三维工件的柔性成形装置 patent, CN-101020232-A: Molten metal molding machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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